How would you spend the last days of your college? by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati

Answer by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati:

I came home 2 days ago after completing my last semester (Jan-April) at IIT Madras. Convocation is usually scheduled in the month of July, so I will be officially graduating then.


Absorb everything around with all your senses

Last semester has been quite an emotional one for me. People say the friends you make in college last a life time. I am friends with around 100(yeah, I used to keep in touch with almost all of them!!!) in college. The feeling that you might not be able to meet many of your friends who have been your dearest for four years of college sucks. But it helps in identifying the people who you really miss, for whom you would travel 500 miles just to spend a couple of hours. Keep your Ears open and listen more to your friends, you might get one last perspective either reinforcing or contradicting to your earlier one.

I will always remember college for all the cheap and quality food. In the last semester I tasted almost all the varieties available inside the campus and I never missed a chance to try out various good restaurants available across the city. I have also tried food of different cuisines available inside and outside the campus.

Most of the colleges are well maintained and have lot of greenery inside the campus. So make sure you roam around every nook and corner of your campus. I am fortunate enough to live in 600 acres of greenery. There are too many avenues, cross roads, play grounds, stadiums, theatre halls, pools, lakes etc., I remember many times sleeping in the lawns (shown below) after a lot of cycling across the campus, all exhausted. Such a moonlit night is something worth looking at. Do not miss any such moments, usually the peacefulness you get inside the campus isn’t very abundant outside.

Everyone of us have a lot of secrets hidden deep in us. You always wanted to tell few of them to some very close people but you couldn’t. This is the time to speak your heart out to the people worthy of it. Usually I go out for dinner by walk and in groups to the local restaurants during which each one of us spoke about our childhood memories. I came to know many things about my friends which I didn’t know for four years!!!

Because of tight schedule you may not have experienced all the things happening in your campus before. But in the last semester you might have to put studies aside (at the same time not letting it damage your career heavily) and do things you have always wanted to do. I have signed up for Yoga, Swimming and Piano. By the end of semester I am able to swim 1KM in 1hr:15min(from a guy who was afraid of getting into water), well prepared for a Grade 1 Piano exam and a guy who could run 8.83KM in 40min with zero stops in between.

Take a moment to say good bye to the people who you really miss. A quote from the Life of Pi movie shown below sums it up aptly. During the last week I could send emails to some of my closest friends, containing what I liked the most about them and some advice/motivation that would help them in achieving what they really wanted in their lives.


How would you spend the last days of your college?


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