What is the best advice you’ve received? by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati

Answer by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati:

Forget the phrases could have/should have

Here’s a discussion between me and my friend

CONTEXT: I scored 191 out of 276 (class XI JEE objective practice test) and from the scores of other people, statistically a score above 200 turned out to be good.

Me: I have committed some very silly calculation mistakes in Maths, some interpretation mistakes in Physics or else I could have easily scored more than 200. What’s your score?

He: I scored 211.

Me: Congrats! Most of the questions I lost are so easy that anyone can solve them. If those silly questions weren’t gone wrong …[ I RECOUNTED]… my marks should have been 214.

He:There is no such thing as could have/should have. You just didn’t score. Do you think I haven’t lost marks because of questions like that? Do you think the top scorers haven’t lost marks on similar lines? Everyone has their own weak spots.”

I thought that guy was just rude then. After half a year I saw myself not improving, committing similar or some new kind of mistakes in every exam. Every time I satisfied myself with a cock-and-bull story.

I understood that I was losing not because of the situation/bad luck but because of my actions. I realised I just didn’t do what it takes to get better. Then it was clear to me that I was committing a similar mistake in many situations of my life.

Stop wasting time telling yourself/others about what could have happened If you have done things differently. It doesn’t take you any where. Instead start working on what it takes to get what you want.


What is the best advice you’ve received?


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