What is your most powerful tip? by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati

Answer by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati:

  • Always take that extra mile to differentiate yourself from mediocrity.
    • Usually that one extra mile is the hardest and most people give up.
  • Make Success or Failure a by-product of something bigger.
    • There is more to a deed than the result. It’s the efforts you put in that prove to be useful in long run.
  • Failure is few errors in judgement repeated everyday.
    • Stop giving slack to yourself for everything. Give up self pity.
  • Forget the phrases could have/should have.
    • Stop wasting time telling yourself/others about what could have happened if you have done things differently. Start working on what it takes to get what you want.
  • Never leave important decisions in your life to others.
    • You regret less when the things go otherwise.
  • Everyone is unique in their own ways. It’s the uniqueness that makes you irreplaceable.
    • Don’t lose what makes you ‘you’ by following the herd.
  • Comparison does more harm than good.
    • It loosens your focus. You cease to enjoy what you do caught up in the competition. Then the worst thing happens – you start emulation.
  • Take calculated risks. If you always play a safe game you are safe from both extremities – Pinnacle or Nadir.
    • Mediocrity is boring. Have the courage to take the less explored paths.
  • Idleness is like an ocean. Never let your mind get lost in it. Always keep yourself busy.
    • Procrastination is the symptom. Idleness is the disease. Treat the disease not symptoms.
  • Someone’s belief in you is a luxury not everyone afford. Deal with it by believing in yourself.
    • If you think it through, it’s not essential either. All that matter is the picture you have about yourself in your mind.
  • If you are going through a tough time achieving something, keep going.
    • Because in the end you will have an inspirational story to tell


What is your most powerful tip?


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