Why do most IITians prefer Computer Science to other branches? by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati

Answer by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati:

I am a BTech Computer Science (3rd Year) at IIT Madras and here I write the probable reasons of me and my friends to opt this branch.

1. Computer science is a branch where your commonsense and intuitions are valued way more than your mugged knowledge.

2. Instant Rewards… Are you good at coding?… then participate in a programming contest and grab awesome(believe me) prizes.

3. Neither Electrical nor Mechanical or any other branch students can immediately apply their knowledge in real life because they have to learn way more and have to gain experience before they could really help people in their daily lives But…
The pride we feel helping our friends, parents and relatives with their computer issues is unmatchable.

4. You don’t need great equipment to experiment with various new things you learn, all you need is a laptop… And you don’t have to worry about any adverse consequences the worst you could get is a reboot.

5. You can say to people that you are working at flipkart, Microsoft, google, twitter, Quora etc., whose services most people use everyday.

6. And of course you will be rewarded with handsome salary packages!!!

P.S: I mean offence to no one.

Why do most IITians prefer Computer Science to other branches?


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