What is your most powerful tip for success in life?

What is your most powerful tip for success in life?

Answer by Hemanth Kumar Tirupati:

If there is one incredibly powerful tip for success in life, it should be this

Make Success or Failure a by-product of something bigger

  • There is more to take from a deed than the result.
  • You lose focus. You cease to enjoy what you do if you get caught up in the result.
  • It’s the path that you have taken, it’s the efforts that you have put in, it’s all the learnings you have had that matter in the long run.

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What is your most powerful tip for success in life?


A heartfelt trip to ooty

7boys and 3 girls = 10 awesome people.
Thanks to Keerthana, sphoorthi and Manika for coming with us… If I am correct we guys wouldn’t have taken this trip without ur support… The trouble u had to get the acceptance from ur parents cannot be forgotten.
Also, Matta (Prateek Matam) we really missed u. Particularly there were many times other people shouted at me for addressing them with ur name and there have been countless instances where I couldn’t get the grief of ur absence out of mind… We missed u and I missed u…

Friday Jan22: This the day we started our journey to Ooty. I remember that I have an assignment due Sunday finished it (for the sake of it) by 6:00pm that day. At around 7:00pm we started from our rooms together as all of us are from the same wing and then took a bus from insti and then another local bus from Adyar to CMBT then we took another bus to Coimbatore.

Starting off…


I am damn sure the moments we shared, the truths we learnt about one another during that journey have taken a place in my heart… The truth that keerthana speaks during night and scares other people and even more sphoorthi could walk during sleep. Frankly speaking this is the first time I have met people who could do that. And another private secret between only us (shhh!!) that kittu(Chaitanya) proposed to a girl during his primary schooling and u know what? its his principal’s daughter. As usual, Maryala shared one of his adventures, pulling a trains chain somewhere in outskirts as he boarded a wrong train. Though it was a terrible experience for him it was exciting for us to listen. Then I shared another terrible experience of mine that happened on my first visit to Bangalore. I was robbed by a bunch of guys and luckily I could get out of that… I can’t write how I enjoyed the heartfelt poem written by Rajiv to his first crush in insti. And of course, we had a discussion about shankar and his GF. We ate all snacks we had as we didn’t have dinner and then slept exhausted.
And guys I want to reveal a secret… I have the recording(voice) of all our stories that day and many other worth discussions… I can share them with U personally.

Sat Jan23: All of us woke up just before the stop except sphoorthi who didn’t sleep the whole night. And Hey I forgot one thing the night before many people were scared that I may vomit any time and of course me too. But I didn’t then. Then we took another bus to Ooty. The landscape outside was countryside and as we were going through the ghat road up to Ooty I couldn’t control and threw up.

These are the first impressions…

IMG_20160123_104709.jpgLater we reached our cottage (west nature) by auto. We are lucky to have a two storey building with (almost) glass-walled alongside the bed and I cannot explain the beauty of the Ooty that I could have while I go to bed. Imperfections (uneven surfaces) of Ooty are perfect. After refreshments, we had lunch and went boating house in the afternoon.

Here’s a glimpse of our cottage…


Here’s all of us in front of the cottage…


There many of us including me had the first experience of riding a horse and pedalling a boat. I have to say the way Rajiv fell from the horse had a great resemblance to the movie Magadheera. During boat pedaling I,kittu; Preetham,Manika; keerthana, sphoorthi; formed into a two-membered boats and the rest took a 4 seater boat. The way we hit each other with boats in the middle of the lake is an unforgettable moment. And my sudden and unexplainable attraction to photography made all of us try hard to align our boats so that we could have a perfect selfie and we had many :). And many times we all tried to steer our boats together but they kept going in random directions and we kept hitting each other. I couldn’t forget the hilarious way keerthana tried to scare me about crocodiles in the lake.

Here’s one with all 10 of us…


This ones is my favourite… Horse riding…


Later we did a little shopping and had a walk for around two kilometers and reached the curry leaf multi-cuisine restaurant and that is where we really had a lot of fun. We were given the opportunity to have starters, camp fire and DJ on the terrace. Where we played dumb charades around the camp fire. We could get warmth there amidst 12 degrees Ooty that night. Then maryala and hreddy (who had been silent the whole time expect when torturing me to have my phone to take photos) had BANANA BONKERS. Later we paused dumb charades for some time and started dancing for the music. And as usual, I tried to dance without knowing any dance routines. It would have been better if sphoorthi had joined us but she didn’t… so she took up the job of photo and videography. Later we moved to the main course inside the restaurant after 2hrs of nonstop music, DJ and dumb charades.

Dumb charades…


During dinner, we all spoke about our childhood ambitions how they got evolved. During this part of discussion, most of my words came straight from my heart and Preetham went a bit sentimental and somehow he stopped it and told he will continue later. I wish we get a chance for him to finish that.
That night we walked back to the room tired and played literature for some time. Later we slept around 1:00am exhausted in our bed rooms.

Sun Jan24:  We woke up at the shouts of Maryala and then got ready for a great day. I can’t forget the fun I had writing all our names on the moisture filled glass walls and taking snaps of them. Later all of us assembled in the hall and in the wait for the girls to get ready we have decided to dance for music. Somehow Maryala, me and Shankar had a good chemistry for dance tunes and u all know how viral one of my videos dancing with Shankar has gone . After a lot of selfies and suggestions from Shankar, I could get some nice photos and then we left for breakfast.
We hired a swaraj Mazda for the day and went to Dodabetta, highest mountain peak in Nilgiris and south India.

Here’s one from Dodabetta…

IMG_20160124_103141.jpg Later we went to Conoor where we could see a lot of tea and medicinal plantations and there  inexpressible moments amidst the heart of nature. The snow around made the surroundings look more beautiful.



Later we went to dolphin nose mountains where we saw some of the incredible natural phenomena like huge clouds colliding with each other, being surrounded 360 degrees around with only clouds etc.,

There is one incident or I would say one stupid mistake that I have done at the dolphin nose mountains. You all know my liking towards selfies and that madness somehow reached whole another level. And I donno how somehow unknowingly I went so close to the edge of the mountain and kneeled down completely and slightly bent back and took a selfie. Right after that moment I just saw a little down and I found myself at the very edge, I was scared to death and immediately sprang back. Shankar who was seeing the whole thing from distance was shouting at me but I couldn’t hear it then.

Here’s that selfie…

IMG_20160124_140327.jpgThen we went to botanical gardens played kerchief-ball game (or that’s what Rajiv calls it) and Raj I can’t put that image you asked for here because I don’t have it :P. After some shopping for home-made chocolate in the evening, we had a peaceful dinner and came straight back to the room. We slept that day early so that we could wake up early the next day and leave for BLACK THUNDER.
Mon Jan25:
We woke at around 6:30 got ready had break fast and left for Coimbatore around 8:00am. We reached Black thunder around 10am.

Black Thunder…


There were few dry rides and a lot of wet rides. We tried almost all of them. And Chaitanya went for each of them a dozen times :p. Many of us initially were afraid of many rides some how with the help of false motivation from other people saying “it’s not scary at all,  it’s peaceful and awesome!!!” we have tried many rides.  Later exhausted in the evening we had dinner  and took a bus back to Chennai. But our bus got into a little accident and the front side main glass broke. Thus, we were transferred to another bus. We slept exhausted and came back to insti the next morning with loads of memories. By the way it’s republic day Tue Jan 26 we reached insti.

The final one…


Any improvements or suggestions please let me know…

PS: I have written most of this in Ooty itself when u guys were playing lit. I finished the rest from what I could remember today because of, u know, semester and I couldn’t get time earlier. It’s 3:45AM and I am sleeping now… Have to start my SE project and networks end sem prep tomorrow.

Also guys, guys… wait, wait… I have recently identified that writing is one amongst my passions. So I have started a separate section on my blog named “From My Pen” and will be posting various stories that I write in addition to travel diaries like this one. Also for cs lovers, I will be posting various CS related interesting stuff in “Computer Science” section. So do follow the blog, comment to convey something and like if you find it interesting. Continue reading the stuff if you like and enjoy…

Your suggestions are invaluable… Thank you….

What are the most common life mistakes young people make?

Answer by Mark VandeWettering:

  1. Being in hurry.   To find the right person, the right career, the right job. When you are young, you want it all to happen all at once, before you even have a chance to figure yourself out.  Take your time.
  2. Thinking that love is a feeling.   Love is a choice, and a commitment.  It’s something you do, not something you feel.   Trust those who act like they love you, not just those who say that they do.
  3. Drugs and alcohol can be addictive, which means that they will make you do things you normally wouldn’t do.    Pay attention and be cautious with them.
  4. Living to work, instead of working to live.  Never pass up a good thing.
  5. Cynicism.   If you think you can’t make a difference, you probably won’t. There is no margin in being a cynic.
  6. Thinking that your parents aren’t as human as you are.   And taking them for granted: they won’t be around forever.

What are the most common life mistakes young people make?

What is your best life advice that you would give in just one line?

Answer by Sahana Srinivasan:

1. Don’t waste your sunset with people who will be gone by sunrise.
2. Love is a verb.
3. Embrace sadness. Come on, everything needs a hug.
4. Be soft and kind. Ahaan, do not take anybody’s shit but.
5. Never suppress a generous thought.
6. Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. Find calm in the chaos.
7. You are stronger than you think.
8. Don’t hold grudges. Use the IRRELEVANT category.
9. Be interested only in consistency, respect and loyalty.
10. Roam if you must, but do come home when you’ve seen enough.
Seize the day !

What is your best life advice that you would give in just one line?

Astrologers in our processors

Ya we have an astrologer in our modern micro processors he is the “Branch Predictor”. I have been surfing in the web then I have gone crazy to find out what is the question i.e most viewed and most voted question on stack overflow then I came across a question which is viewed around 500k times, The Question has 8886 up votes,  8946 stars and the answer had 13457 up votes. Let’s come to the point

Branch Predictor predicts which way the branch ( say if-else) goes and continues with the instructions in that branch before actually evaluating the result of the boolean expression if the prediction comes out to be true it continues to execute that part of the code else it discards the instructions that got evaluated and goes to the other branch. This technique is used by modern pipelined micro processor with x86 architectures for better performance.

Branch predictors mostly predicts the value of the boolean expression(i.e which way to go) from the previously calculated outputs of the boolean outputs i.e it tries to recognize a pattern.

Now let’s see the effect of branch prediction on our codes:

Say you have an N sized array named “A” (say a) and you would like to find all the elements less than an element ‘a’ (say) in the array now using general procedure checking every element in the array

CASE 1: Array Is Not Sorted

Now it checks with each element if it is less than a then it executes that part of the code that increments code else don’t.  If the array is not sorted branch predictor as usually tries to predict whether the number is less than ‘a'(in this case) or not but as the array is not sorted most of the times there is a possibility that the predictor  is wrong and it has to discard the instructions it had already fetched along the other branch.

CASE 2:Array Is Sorted

When the array is sorted we have all the numbers less than ‘a’ in the beginning of the N-sized array and all the numbers greater than ‘a’ will be towards the end and branch predicts the correct value most of the times and have a better performance as each times it saves the time for execution of the boolean execution which decides the branch;

Amazing right?????

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This “bug” is really “buggy”

Did you ever ran a loop with counter as unsigned int then you must have faced this problem consider the following for loop which is expected to print numbers from 16 to 0

unsigned int i ;

for(i = 16;i>=0;i–){

printf(“%d “,i);


This loop doesn’t give output as 16 15 ……… 0 but runs on for ever.   Can you guess the reason(once give it a try!!!). Here it goes  once the value of i becomes 0 when i — is done the value changes from 0 to max value of unsigned int(depends upon the architecture of your system) and hence the value of 1 can never go below zero. Hence it’s an infinite loop 🙂

“EXTERN” keyword in “C”

First I would like to write What exactly does a declaration or definition of a variable mean:

Declartion and Definition:

In c declaration tells the compiler that you are going to use a variable name var(say) and it is of type int(say). This is what exactly a declaration does. Remember that just declaration doesn’t allocate any memory to the variable. What definition does is It allocates the memory block to the variable and assigns some value if specified. Most of the times you write int var you are actually declaring as well as defining it i.e you are telling the compiler that you are going use a variable name var which is used to refer to an integer and it allocate the sufficient memory if you give int var =0 it also assigns it some value. You are allowed to declare a variable as many times as you wish but you can define it only once. Once you define a variable you cannot redefine again.

So how do we declare a variable without defining it. Here comes our “extern” key word. extern int var just declares the variable without defining it you can later declare and define or even assign using int var =0;

Just to add, in c only uninitialized global variables are all made to zero but not local variables. The reason can be killing of performance if it is to initialise all the local variables each time corresponding function is called. But global variables are initialised only once and it’s done by CRT( C Run Time) 🙂

The “C” Preprocessor

Some of the important changes will be done to the source code before it is handed over to the “C” compiler by the “C” Preprocessor.   We use Pre processor directives to get work done using Pre processor.   #include is a preprocessor directive which is used to include the elements of the corresponding file mentioned; Say you have used #include<stdio.h> This asks the pre processor to copy all the elements(definitions here) in the stdio.h file into the present file in place of the Pre processor directive(if angular brackets(<>) for a file then It is meant to search for the file in the standard compiler include paths and if double quotes (“”) are used it searches in the path mentioned in between the quotes. Say you use #define VARIABLE VALUE and say you used that variable you defined with the #define directive at different parts of your code the Pre processor replaces all the places where there is presence of VARIABLE with VALUE.

Conditional Compilation is an important feature of Pre processor Directives;  For this you use

#if boolean
//execute this code
#elif boolean
//execute this code
//execute this code

//There boolean may be some statement which finally gets evaluated to a boolean

You can also have conditional Compilation as below

#ifdef MYDEF
//execute the code if MYDEF is defined i.e #define MYDEF value is done somewhere

#ifndef MYLIB_H
//usually this is used when you include your own .h file and making sure that type one is not included before i.e you do as below
#include “mylib.h”


Adding Two Numbers Without Using Arithmetic Operator “+”

Ever Wondered how to do math on a computer without having arithmetic operators; Oh God!!! Luckily we have them;  Here’s a post which is an alternative for adding two numbers without using Arithmetic Operators;  The strategy that we follow is to go back to the basic level of bits and bytes and what happens to binary state of numbers when we add them and then establish a paradigm to obtain the relation between the final pattern of the bits and the initial bit patterns of the two numbers;  Here’s the algorithm

Say you have to add two numbers a,b; The strategy is when you & two bit patterns you get one’s only the places where you get a carry 1 and a xor b will just give the correct sum of the individual bits without considering any carry’s i.e i.e you add 1 1 then you get zero in xor and the carry is taken care from a & b bit pattern;

int a,b,carry;


carry=a&b; // This bit pattern is for the carry i.e you are checking for the bit pattern of the carry

a=a^b;        // Now to get the sum of the bit pattern without considering any carry’s

b=carry<<1;//making a left shift of the carry as the carry bit goes left on each computation


Now printing a will give the sum of the initial b with a